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1. Internal Administration Department

In order to conduct its business, the Federal Labour Court needs human and material resources for running the registry, the library, the documentation department and other service departments including clerical services, security and messenger services and printing services. The internal administration department is responsible for providing the Federal Labour Court with these resources and running its operations. While the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Justice, is accountable for the administration and supervision of the Federal Labour Court, these tasks are largely delegated to the President of the Federal Labour Court.

In addition to its general administrative tasks such as the administration of human and material resources as well as general co-ordination and planning tasks, the internal administration department of the Federal Labour Court also deals with matters relating to the Presiding Board, the Presidential Council and the lay judges.

2. Documentation Department

The documentation department at the Federal Labour Court analyses documents relating to employment law, records them in an internal database and posts them in JURIS, an electronic legal information system. Additionally, the department administrates an internal chronological collection of judgments of the Federal Labour Court. Information services provided by the department such as research in legal information systems or the weekly update on national and supranational employment law are only available to the Federal Labour Court’s staff.

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3. Reference Library

The library has existed since the foundation of the Federal Labour Court in 1954. It holds approximately 92,000 volumes, numerous CD-ROMs, 306 current periodicals, 8 newspapers, 6,500 microfiches and 81,000 collective agreements. The stock increases by about 12,300 volumes a year. The library's emphasis is on employment law, social, civil and procedural law, general and legal reference books, law gazettes, parliamentary documents, collective agreements and law reports. While the library is mainly used by the Federal Labour Court's staff, it is open to the public and also visited by lawyers, students and other people interested in employment law.

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